Mosquito Control Tips You Need To Know

Mosquitoes are pests that we all want to go away.  They come into our world and suck our blood, carry disease and give nothing back to our environment.  For many, residential mosquito treatment in Brandon can be a welcomed event.  Once your area is treated you can keep up their efforts by performing your due diligence.

Remove water

residential mosquito treatment in Brandon

Water is needed for all life.  Mosquitoes use it to lay their eggs and to live.  Small pools of water after a rainstorm or that collects in unseen areas of your house are great breeding grounds for mosquitoes.  So, as a result, removing these bodies of water removes mosquitoes and their eggs.

Natural repellants

The next thing that you want to do is use a natural repellant.  Natural repellants don’t harm the environment and are not offensive to humans.  These can be torches or other fire sources.  You can also keep it simple by burning citronella candles.  These candles are designed to throw a scent that mosquitoes don’t like

Invest in traps

There are a wide variety of traps available that we can use to deal with mosquitoes.  These traps do a good job, however some may need to be cleaned out regularly or can become costly if you have to replace them on a regular basis to remain effective.

Grow plants

There are a wide variety of plants that naturally repel mosquitoes.  You will want to do some research for your specific area and see if you can get them.  Once you start to plant them around your home they will start to protect you from mosquitoes.

Cut your grass and be an overall neat person

Finally, you want to keep your grass cut, your yard free of debris and follow the steps outlined above.  When you can do this, you are ensuring that the environment that you live in will be a negative one for mosquitoes.