How To Price Your Remodeling Job

Remodeling is a great way to add a level of freshness to your home.  When we remodel a room like a kitchen or a bathroom, we are removing a lot of dirt, grime and years of use.  For many, trying to come up with a budget can be a very challenging endeavor.  The reason that bathroom remodel cost in wichita falls, tx can be so challenging, is we tend to want everything added to our projects without considering hard costs.

The first step is to think as big as you can and really come up with all of your options.  When we do this, we are not committing to anything and we are really letting our options flow free.  Once we allow our minds to flow free, we are more willing to scale back simply because we are not limiting our minds from unknown options.

From there we need to start scaling down our options.  We do this by taking away the obviously outrageous options.  These are options that really never fit into your original plan to begin with but you thought they were cool.  Once these are removed, the majority of your options are reduced.

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Pick your top five options

Once you have removed all of your dreams, you want to look at your options.  When looking at these options you want to narrow them down to your top five.  If you have more than five that you are considering, limit to your top ten.  Don’t go over ten.  If you start going higher then you really don’t need to consider them.

Set a budget

Now that you have items broken down you can start to price them.  This part will start to set your budget or help manipulate your budget.  It is good to have a strict budget when starting this process.  If you have no cap, eventually you will simply buy everything and anything just on a whim.

Taking Care Of Your Artificial Turf

Grass is beautiful with its green color, soft feeling under your feet and the smell first thing in the morning.  There is nothing better than having a lush green lawn.  However, not everyone can have a lush green lawn.  Many people don’t have the space for a natural lawn or they just are allergic to grass and flowers.  If you fall into this category, artificial grass lawn thousand oaks is a great option for you to consider.

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When it comes to artificial grass, companies like Tri-County Turf are your best resources for types of grass, uses as well as installation.  Once installed however, it will be up to you to keep it clean and well maintained. 

For those that have artificial turf, the lawn mower is not an option.  Here are the tools and tips to keep your lawn looking great.


The first thing you will need is a rake.  Leaves will fall onto your artificial turf just as well as your natural lawn.  With the rake you can remove the items that fall and get caught up within the bristles of the grass. 

Leaf Blower

Another great tool to have is your leaf blower.  Just like a typical lawn, you can use a leaf blower on the lawn to blow off dirt, water, leaves and anything that may get caught up inside.  When using a leaf blower, don’t use a high temperature that might melt the plastic.


Another great tool is a hose.  Your hose can be used to wash off stains and remove pet waste.  Instead of attaching to a sprinkler system you can attach several different hose attachments that will give you a wide range of spray options. 

Maintain your lawn

It is recommended that you go and tend to your lawn every three months.  You will want to make sure that things are still looking and operating well.  If you find issues, contact your installer and have them come out to do any repairs.